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Dr. Sunmin Park, Jennifer Keil, Mr. Dong Kim, Dr. Soook Kim, and Joy Kim at the Korean National Association.jpg


A group picture of those who attended this event at the LA Millennium Biltmore Hotel (Bernard's) on Friday, October 26, 2018.

Mr. Dong Kim.mp3
Mr. Dong Kim, descendant of Song Hurn, (00:20:10 minutes).

Dr. Soook Kim.mp3
Dr. Soook Kim, descendant of Kimm Kiusic shares her family's history with Christina Seo Kyung Ko, (00:43:13 minutes).

Dual Interview.mp3
Dr. Soook Kim and Mr. Dong Kim Dual Interview with Joy Kim and Jennifer Keil.

50th Anniversary of the Korean National Association_February 1959.jpg
50th Anniversary of the Korean National Association on February 1959.

United Korean Committee in America, members of Executive Committee an delegates from Hawaii on April 5, 1942 in Los Angeles. Mr. Song Hurn Joo is in the back row and 7th from right.

1941 Korean National Defense Guard, Tiger Army Troop
Song Hurn Joo is the Division Head of Military Defense and is in the front row, 7th from right. These men trained on Catalina Island, according to Judge Kim, great-grandson of Song Hurn Joo.

Opening Ceremony of Korean National Association at the North American Headquarters Building. Mr. Song Hurn Joo is in the front row, 5th from left.
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